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Give a live-saving recurring donation for propane this winter.

    Do you have a Heart for Heat? Blackbird Outreach volunteers have found over 500 people surviving the life-threatening cold this winter. The shelters are full. Give a live-saving recurring donation today.

Why is homeless outreach so important?

Many hundreds of people are hidden, surviving outside every day. Many have lost hope, lost dignity, and have lost contact with everyday life and people. Bottom line is we simply don’t have enough shelter space that meets the needs of those living without a home. Blackbird Outreach provides a vital lifeline to services, friendship, and a way back into a stable healthy life and most importantly, a home. Blackbird Outreach is a volunteer team of the most caring and courageous people in Colorado Springs. Are you the perfect person who might be able to affect and inspire desperately needed change in someone’s life? Take a chance, and become hope for someone who is lost in our amazing city.

Why should you care?

While you explore our website, we hope you will take the time to mindfully consider your own life. Lucky breaks, chance occurrences, and loving friends/family sometimes make all the difference between a life of security and a life of struggle and loss. We hope you will see that if certain events hadn’t happened the way they did in your life, you might have found yourself out on the streets, too. That empathy is what drives our amazing volunteers. It allows us to give companionship, guidance, advocacy and hope to many who have lost their way all around us. There are so many ways for you to give just a little of your time in our volunteer programs. We hope you will take the time to explore how you might fit perfectly within our Blackbird Outreach team.

Outreach is the Key to Defeating Homelessness

All the agencies and service providers in Colorado Springs have amazing programs, but they all require their “clients” to come to them. This is nearly impossible when you don’t have transportation, and you can’t afford to leave all your survival gear behind. That’s why it is imperative that our Blackbird Outreach Teams go out to our friends: we become the connections between our friends who need the help and the agencies that can give them help. The more people we find, the more friends we make, the more people the providers can serve.

Even the Best Systems Have Barriers and Gaps

Let’s face it: nothing saps the will to fight like endless bureaucracy and systemic barriers. That’s why our Blackbird Systems Navigators are a critical component of our friends’ successes. Instead of advocating for themselves and possibly be perceived as aggressive or confrontational, our friends can rely on our Systems Navigators to advocate for them. In short, we can demand accountability on behalf of our friends. We can help identify and bridge the gaps and overcome barriers.

Our work isn’t finished when there’s a roof overhead.

Some folks who we’re finding in Colorado Springs have been surviving outside for a decade or more. Yes, getting into housing is the best chance our friends have to succeed, yet their post-housing lives can be filled with pit-falls. The Blackbird Post-Housing Care teams are essential to the long term success of our friends’ journeys from living on the streets to stabilizing and reclaiming their lives. From helping folks remember to pay bills to finding affordable furniture, our Post-Housing Care volunteers are teaching the art of living in a home, again.

Whether you are generous with survival gear or money, you are saving lives.

We understand that not everyone who has a compassionate heart has free-time to volunteer. If you feel called to help but can’t give time as a volunteer, please know your in-kind donation of survival gear (tents, sleeping bags, propane tanks, blankets, tarps) or your financial gifts are cherished, too. We all have roles to play in this battle. And we believe this battle can be won. The crisis of homelessness in Colorado Springs can be attacked from multiple angles, and your generous donations are one of the most important.

People Experiencing Homelessness as of 2017

People surviving unsheltered

% increase over 2016

Only together can we make a difference for our neighbors in need. Join us today.