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Critical Fundraiser to Help Elderly Residents of Emerald Towers Move into New Apartments

Donate now to help keep 35 elderly residents of Emerald Towers in Colorado Springs from becoming homeless!
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Through the visionary leadership of The Coalition for Compassion and Action/Blackbird Board Chair Dawn Halliburton-Rudy, and City Council President Richard Skorman, a groundswell of advocacy, service and support has rallied around the shocked elderly residents of Emerald Towers Apartments. Earlier this month, 69 long-time residents of the Emerald Towers Apartments in Colorado Springs were suddenly informed they had 21 days to find a new home.

At a meeting of City Council today, CCA/Blackbird was named as the fiduciary agent responsible for the fundraising to save the residents of Emerald Towers.

Most residents are on a fixed income, and the idea of suddenly having to find new homes in this red-hot housing market filled them with dread. Recently, the new ownership of Emerald Towers extended their eviction date to 60 days from the notice given 11/9/2017.

Regardless of the extension on the eviction date, CCA/Blackbird volunteers conducted a survey of the 69 elderly residents of Emerald Towers and found 35 residents on fixed-income need financial assistance for rent, deposits, food and moving expenses.

  • Year-over-year rate increases were rare or nonexistent at Emerald Towers. Rent payments averaged around $630 a month.
  • Sixteen of the apartments being made available elsewhere in the city ranged from $665 to $745 per month.
  • While there are currently 16 apartments available in that price range in Colorado Springs, 35 residents were identified at-risk of not being able to pay the fees and deposits required to move in.

Donate today to help 35 elderly residents in need of critical financial support find new homes.

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