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We are in desperate need of survival gear this winter. You can either:

  • Ship these items directly to us @ 8056 Horizon Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
  • Or, drop them off at the address above.

In either case, please contact Charlotte Bundgaard at 719.930.4185 or charlotte@blackbirdoutreach.com to coordinate your in-kind donation.

  1. Coleman Propane Canisters 16.4oz 2-Packs $5.77 at Walmart
  2. Coleman 10,000 BTU One-Burner Propane Camp Stove$16.99 at Walmart
  3. Kemp Mylar Emergency Blanket$0.88 at Global Industrial
  4. 96 Pc Bulk Lot of Hand Warmers Glove Toe Foot Pocket$25.03 on Ebay
  5. Coleman Hooligan 2-Person Tent – $44.00 on Amazon
  6. Suisse Sport Everest Sleeping Bag$27.07 on Amazon
  7. 12 Pairs Of Mens Excell Wool Blend Warm Winter Thermal Socks$32.00 at Amazon
  8. 72 Pairs Bulk Winter Rated Ski Gloves$403/case of 72 pairs at Dollar Days

Outreach (literally going out, finding folks surviving outside, and serving them where they are) is a critical part in the new model to combat the homelessness crisis in Colorado Springs. Do they need to try and get into a shelter? Is there shelter space available and can they access it? If they can’t access shelter, what do they need to survive?

There are only two other non-law-enforcement outreach teams in our city: Urban Peak, which only serves youth, and the RMHS team which only serves veterans and will only access camps with the CSPD Homeless Outreach Team (H.O.T).

CSPD H.O.T have to be law enforcement and outreach workers. Unfortunately, folks experiencing homelessness sometimes find themselves being issued a citation they can’t afford, or worse, being arrested and going to jail when interacting with the HOT Team.

Blackbird Outreach is the only non-law-enforcement team serving adults and families experiencing homelessness in the Pikes Peak Region. We coordinate very closely with CSPD H.O.T, but work independently, ensuring that Blackbird Outreach is the first team to make contact when camps are found, and if laws are being violated (trash, trespassing, etc), we are the first line of defense for our city’s most impoverished citizens to avoid interactions with law enforcement that could negatively impact their lives forever.


We Serve from Camp to Home

We have volunteers certified to give the VI-SPDAT Survey on the ground, which is a critical intake survey, a “supertool” of assessment for our Continuum of Care. The VI-SPDAT simultaneously feeds data into every service participating agency in Colorado Springs that can help folks experiencing homelessness. This survey allows every service agency to find and help the most critically vulnerable folks in our city as quickly as possible. Blackbird Outreach is the “glue” that connects the service agencies to their clients on the streets.

We have volunteers who serve as “hand-holding” Systems Navigators. They ensure folks have rides to appointments and become compassionate advocates. They help our friends navigate the complex systems and overcome barriers they inevitably encounter as they try to mobilize out of a life on the streets and back into housing.

We have volunteers who help folks stay successfully housed once they attain housing. The Housing Aftercare volunteers ensure that there is always a helping hand in budgeting, bill paying, planning, and overcoming the early pitfalls of reintegrating into a life with a home after a life of trauma.

In short, Blackbird Outreach provides the critical connective support between living outside and successfully attaining a new life, in a new home. We help fill the unfortunate gaps in a very compassionate and effective system of agencies and providers serving folks experiencing homelessness in Colorado Springs.

Your Gift Does Amazing Things

From buying propane tanks, heaters and tents, to putting outreach teams on the trails equipped to gain trust and help folks survive, to putting gas in a volunteer’s car so a single mother can make her first job interview, to helping a newly-housed family get their first mattress in years, your gift provides hope, dignity, and a team of friends for folks who are working very hard to pull their lives back together.

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