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Hearts for Heat – Life-Sustaining Recurring Donations

Become a hero for those struggling to survive in the cold of winter in Colorado Springs.
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Winter is upon us in Colorado Springs. Temperature are going to be below zero quite often starting December 22nd.

The shelters are full.

Already, 4 people have died of exposure this winter and that was before the cold hit.

So far in 2017, Blackbird Outreach teams have made contact with over 500 people hidden in camps all over our city. When the temperature drops a safe heating source is critical to keeping fingers, toes, and lives intact.

We are looking for heroic hearts to help us provide the vital heaters and propane that will save lives this winter.


You can show your Heart for Heat by committing to a life-saving recurring donation of the following amounts:

  • $30 / month allows us to provide each tent with a heater and 1 month’s worth of propane.
  • $20 / month allows us to provide each tent with 1 month’s worth of propane.
  • $10 / month allows us to provide each tent with 2 week’s worth of propane.

In order to provide life-saving heat to the more than 500 people we’ve created relationships with this year, we need to raise over $15,000 per month this winter. That means we need to find 750 people with a Heart for Heat.

After you show your own Heart for Heat, you can help find other Hearts for Heat by sharing this link on your social media accounts!

*Recurring donations require you to create or have a PayPal account.
**Contributions to Blackbird Outreach (a 501(c)3 non-profit) are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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