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**Support ALERT** – Massive 40-60 person camp displacement imminent in Colorado Springs

The El Paso County Sheriff’s posted (put up warning signs) at a massive 40-60 person camp of people near and under the MLK Bypass/I-25 interchange experiencing homelessness yesterday. The area is slated for clean-up 2/14/2017.

Between now and next Tuesday, we need to help these folks do a number of things:

  1. We need to get volunteers to get down ASAP and help clean up. It really has been a clean camp (to give the residents credit), but the high winds of late have wreaked havoc down there and it’s a mess. If we can help them pack all the trash into bags before Tuesday, there’s a chance law-enforcement will “look the other way” for a little bit longer.
  2. We need to be ready on Tuesday 2/14/2017 @ 7am, to be ready to help folks pack up and “move along”.
  3. We need to videotape all the encounters campers have with law enforcement during the displacement.


People down there are going to need support when the displacement happens, hopefully not before Tuesday.

Please visit the Facebook event for this displacement alert to volunteer to help.